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Mali Wysote

Language: English

Mali Wysote is an Indigenous Artist specializing in Black Ash basketry. As a Mi’gmaq basket maker from Gespegewa’gi, she feels connected to her ancestors, culture, and land through the craft. Mali was inspired to learn how to make baskets as an act of reclaiming ancestral art forms, and to continue the transfer of intergenerational teaching/ knowledge. In 2018 Mali completed an apprenticeship with master basket maker Stephen Jerome Sr. of Gesgapegiag and graduated with a diploma in Aboriginal Visual Arts (New Brunswick College of Craft and Design) in 2020. During the apprenticeship, Mali learned how to process black ash into weaveable splints. Having gained a deeper respect for Wisgoq (Black Ash) she shares this through themes of her artwork. Recent themes of which include Mi’gmaq culture and community. Always offering a prayer as she weaves, each basket is one of a kind. Baskets reflect the continuity and interconnectedness of our lives - it is an Honor to make them! As an artist I am always willing and eager to pass on my knowledge to the next seven generations while making authentic Mi’gmaq fancy baskets available to all.

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