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Juliette Barnaby

Language: English, Micmac

Juliette Barnaby is a Migmaw woman from Listuguj and is the youngest of 8 children. She was raised off reserve most of her life and returned at the age of 30. Once she returned to her family and her culture, she began to discover her innate ability to sense Energy. She slowly began to experiment with her Spiritual gift. She began sculpting her passion that she has been growing ever since. Juliette dove into her Spiritual Studies with her traditional healers, elders and many other teachers. She has trained under the Dr. Lilly Rahmann, and is certified in Quantum Touch. She also took several other Energy Modalities; Qi Gong, Healing Touch, Reiki and Access to Bars to name a few. She receives clients at her home in Listuguj where she performs several treatment options. Her services include but not limited to: Access to Bars – a gentle way to access consciousness or ‘Listen within’ is a treatment where Juliette listens to the whispers of your guides and shares that guidance with you. All treatments are conducted with loving guidance from Spirit. With hundreds of clients accessing her services in person and remotely, she continues to strive for more clues into how to be of service to humanity.

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