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Leona Newkinga

Language: English

My name is Leona Newkinga, I’m Mi’kmaq and Inuk. I currently reside in Elsipogtog First Nation. I started beading around 4 years ago as a hobby, but once I got the hang of it with some guidance, I haven’t stopped since. I was commissioned for a few beading orders which allowed me to start this entrepreneurial journey. Here are red shawl medallions and pins beaded with size ten seed beads. Black for the hair and either a vibrate or matte red for the shawl. Each red shawl is a bit different then the next but always similar, changes might be how long the hair is or the bead direction, as well the different styles of edging usually there is the raised edging. On some pieces I have done in the past made I included the Mi’kmaq double curves. Another MMIWG+2S beaded piece that I created was inspired by a painting that I came across, with the flowing beaded hair and red shawl made with black and red seed beads, gold 3 cut gold beads really make it stand out with the contrast. I also like to incorporate both mediums with my culture using sealskin in the picture frame as presented. Quill work incorporated into my bead work using the quills as beads, really create a unique flare to both mediums. I’ve even done beaded medallions with quill eagles in the centre.

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