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Jolene Robichaud

Language: English, Français, Micmac

Jolène Robichaud is an Acadian & Mi'kmaw artist originally from Richibucto, NB. She is a 2014 graduate from NBCCD in Fredericton, having received a certificate in Visual Arts Foundation. Starting 2019, she has single handedly organized, launched and modeled 4 clothing collections as a freelance fashion designer. Her latest collection was inspired from her reconnecting journey with her family and was entitled River of Fire. So far in 2022, she has released 4 beadwork collections. Her personal favorite is called Athyrium and is inspired by local plants, flowers and medicines. As an artist, Jolene has a quirky approach to modern conventions and gives a twist to everyday fashion. She does this by expressing different themes, often of hope and positivity, through an eclectic construct: all she makes is original in design. The final objective of any of her creations is to make the wearer a little more present, joyful and comfortable in their everyday lives. She creates often using upcycled and environmentally friendly materials. Although she is self-taught in most of her crafts, she channels skills that her Mi’kmaw family have been using for generations (sewing, beading, leatherwork). Currently residing in Moncton, NB, she is an active board member of Galérie Sans Nom and is a notable character in NB’s slow fashion scene. Her business is called Jolene Robichaud Fashion Designs - feel free to follow on all online platforms @JRFashionDesigns

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