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Candace Francis

Language: English

Hello, my name is Candace Francis and I am a Mik’maq woman from Metepenagiag First Nation, NB. I’m an artist who loves to create and make beaded items such as earrings, pins, poppies, and Christmas ornaments to name a few. I recently reconnected with my love of beading and my creative side that has always been inside me. My Mom told me that I have always been very artistic and creative. As a busy mom, spouse and friend to many, I’ve always put my craft to one side and I somewhat kept it suppressed until I recently retired after a 36 year career with Government. Now that I am home and able to spend more quality time creating, I spend several hours a day in my craft room doing what I love. When I’m beading, I feel so connected with my culture and I feel a sense of pride with every piece that I create. I want every piece to be perfect and I try to create something that is very personalized to my customers. I always knew this calling was inside me and I am now able to explore my creative side completely. You can find me on my Facebook and Instagram page #BeadedcreationsbyCandace. I hope you’ll visit my page for all your beading needs. Wel’alin nogimag!

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