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Starr Halka-Glazier

Language: English

Starr Halka-Glazier, a Mi’gmaq woman from Pabineau First Nation, New Brunswick, has always been involved in her culture and community. She has participated in Powwows, sweat lodge ceremonies, singing, dancing, teachings and crafting, and became a Kairos Blanket Exercise facilitator. Starr is also a member of the Oinpegitjoig Soaring Spirit Ladies Drum Group. Three years ago, Starr took a leap of faith, completely changing her career path, so she can work with Indigenous people. During this time, she became more in tune with herself, her culture, her roots and her people. This inspired her to become more active with her culture, learning, sharing and participating in various activities and so much more. Starr always had a passion for art and rustic wooden décor – beginning her craft of wood-working four years ago, but only as a hobby, gifting most of her creations. Recently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, she revisited her hobby, however with a whole new direction, creating Indigenous-themes pieces, but still only gifting them. As more and more people saw her pieces, a demand was created. This encouraged her to take her work to the next level and pursue an Indigenous-themed woodworking business – Kloqowej Designs.

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