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Sgaoagani Wecenisqon

Language: English, Micmac

Sgoagani Mye We?enisqon is a Mi’Kmaq and Wampanoag woman and a member of the Mi’kmaq First Nation community of Esgenoopetitj in New Brunswick Canada. Proud mother of two. Sgoagani is well recognized Indigenous Artist, Powwow Dancer, Model, Actor, Fashion Designer, and now Business owner of NiiN Designs. Sgoagani has been invited to perform her dancing all over North America and in Europe, in cities such as Vienna, Paris, and in the UK. She also had the opportunity to dance at Fenway Park in Boston for Boston Red Sox. Her Artwork “The Red Carpet” was selected in the Peace Friendship Culture that went on tour across Canada The Honourable guest to the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick. She has been a crafter since she was 13 years old. I was working on starting a clothing Business for about two years and finally launched an online clothing business in January 2021 called “NiiN Designs”.

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