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Ashley Sanipass

Language: English

My name is Ashley Sanipass from Indian Island New Brunswick. I am a Mi’kmaq artist in Beadwork, Quillwork, and Basket Making. I learned basket making through my Grandparents Evangeline Sanipass and Joe John Sanipass. I Learned Quillwork though my Aunt Audrey Sanipass . Beadwork is something that was mainly self taught but influenced by my Aunt Vickey Sanipass. My Business is Called Mi’kmaq Art Experience and is geared to teaching people these artistic skills though do it t yourself kits for beginners. I also sell beading supplies such as Needles, Beads, Thread, Gems etc… I would be honored if people would follow my Facebook page “Mi’kmaq Art Experience”. I also added photos of my past work, but I am currently not taking orders. I am a single mother who is kept busy by my kids so I have not had the time to create. My main goal these days has been to promote my kits and sell supplies to those who love to be crafty. “when you support my small business, you are supporting my family's dreams so - Thank You”

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