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Tara Francis

Language: English

Tara Francis is a Mi’kmaq Artist from Elsipogtog First Nation. She attended the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and has been working in her field since 2003. She specializes in Porcupine Quill work, Silk Painting and Acrylic Painting. She considers her work her spiritual journey and incorporates her teachings into each piece. Her silk scarves are considered Prayer cloth, and each one holds a blessing for it’s wearer, she is inspired by the ancient petroglyph images of the Mi’kmaq as well as teachings from the Medicine Wheel and Ceremony. They symbolize protection, as silk comes from a cocoon, and we are on a journey of transformation to elevate our spirits, they offer strength and healing. Her colour choices reflect the Four Directions, the four races, four seasons etc. and hold specific prayers pertaining to each. The reds, for example are for the direction of the West, the Red Race, Fall and spiritual Self. The Blues representing prayers to the South, the water and Emotional Self. Tara’s work has traveled the globe from Africa to Hawaii, Germany and Australia.

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