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Gueganne Doucet

Language: English, Français

Gueganne Doucet is an 83-year old Indigenous painter and sculptor born in Escuminac, New Brunswick, Canada. She has won numerous awards and like to experiment with different artistic styles. While growing up, she had an avid interest in art that manifested itself in sketching, photography, painting, later, sculpturing with stone. She enrolled at Université of Moncton at age 54 in the Arts to pursue sculpturing as a part of her profession. While she studied graphic design, she was able to take several fine art electives. Along with her other course work, she managed to take private classes in soft pastel with artist Brenda Hughes. Though she graduated with her degree in painting in 1997 and later in sculpturing, she found her passion in painting, and knew that painting would be her primary life focus. Guéganne’s initial subjects in painting were flowers, shells and other close-ups of nature. These subjects gave her the opportunity to study form and composition while discovering her own unique process in painting. Her passion expanded to capturing light once she began painting the skies of New Brunswick. Light and all of its amazing nuances is Guéganne’s primary passion in painting. Painting the light in the sky and the light that surrounds chosen close-ups mirrors her search for the light within herself. This Canadian-born International artist has a double heritage of the first two nations in Canada, Mi`kmaq and Acadian.

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