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Marie Kryszko

Language: English

Marie Kryszko, traditional knowledge keeper, brings over 25 years of experience with Indigenous knowledge, ceremonies, and cultural awareness. Performs opening prayers, songs, hand drumming, smudging ceremonies, sweat lodge ceremonies, closing prayers, and also facilitates cultural appropriate workshops. She is from Pabineau First Nations, NB. This Authentic Mi’kmaq Cultural experience will take you on a journey perfect for you. Held inside Wigwam … your hostess, Marie Kryszko, traditional knowledge keeper, will share with you her knowledge with an open heart and open mind. Participants will learn about the four (4) sacred medicines; Learn about the medicine pouches and make your own; Participate in a beautiful smudging ceremony; Enjoy a taste of culture. This Authentic Mi’kmaq Cultural Experience will take about an hour and half (1 ½ to 3 Hour) of fun filled energy and great way to enjoy time together in a positive environment.

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