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Jolene Johnson

Language: English

Jolene Johnson, (previously Laskey) has extensive work experience (over 18 years) in the culinary field, ranging from food preparation and service to management. She also worked extensively in agriculture industry, in tree farming management, from planting, fertilizing, and harvesting, this work has kept her grounded and in touch with her roots and will always be one of her favourite work experiences. ln 2013, Jolene took the initiative to establish and operate her own construction company, in doing so was the first female entrepreneur to join that industry sector in her community. With her construction company established and doing well, she's moved forward in a new direction. ln 2017, driven with purpose and passion, Jolene embarked on a new business venture. She launched into the maple syrup industry, developing and marketing value added maple syrup. She strives and is committed to give back in a positive way with her vision to build a global brand, to help lndigenous communities thrive and to help support and preserve our environment for the next generations.

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